The Taf Quality Time Club (QT Club), established in October 2013, is a social club designed by and for the needs of individuals whose lives have been affected by dementia related conditions.

The QT Club

The Club is a lively meeting point for carers and their loved ones of whom can come along and share information and laughter amongst friends. Activities include: musical afternoons, quiz sessions, talks, board games, arts and crafts, and if all else fails, you can just come for a jolly good chin wag!

News Update

As we approach 2017 I would like to reflect on the last three years. We celebrated our third Anniversary on the 3rd October2016 and I am thinking, well, we are still here and still going strong, but, we have achieved so much more

A Word from the Founder

The Taf Quality Time Club (QT Club)

“I have been caring for my wife for the past six years and to enjoy a dementia social afternoon for a well deserved relaxing break for the both of us, it is quite a trek. We have been travelling to the Alzheimer’s Society based in Ammanford twice a week for the past two to three years; this equates to a round trip of 56 miles a day and 112 miles a week. There was, in my view, a desperate need for a social club in the St. Clears/Taf area for carers and their loved ones in our local community.

The Taf Quality Time Club (QT Club)

The population of the Taf area is approximately 8,500 people. It is estimated that between 44 and 63 members of our society in each ward are suffering from a dementia related illness. These three wards are: St Clears, Whitland and Llaugharne, suggesting that between 130 and 190 people could potentially benefit from the help and support that our club now provides and these estimates do not include the carers and their families that also welcome the relief and warmth that our social club brings.”

Reg Wyeth, Chairman

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Taf QT Club

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