So often when people are caring for others, they find it difficult to find the time to socialize, probably because they are “on duty“ 24/7

This is where the QT Dementia club comes into its own. It provides a happy environment for carers to socialize, unwind and learn from each other. 

The Taf Quality Time Club (QT Club)It is also the place where those they are caring for “the cared for’s “can come along and reminisce about the years gone by and enjoying a musical afternoon, ¬†nothing reminds you more about your past than the songs and music of days gone by, when the words come flashing back as if it were yesterday. We are all about sharing Quality Time together.

So, when you arrive it’s a cup of coffee/tea or hot chocolate, something to nibble and a chat. We also have many activities, Board Games, Puzzles, Colouring Adult colouring books, Painting, Making seasonal cards, Musical quizzes, General knowledge Quizzes, a game of Bingo and a good sing-a- long with our own Lorraine King. We want you all to go home with a smile on your faces and can’t wait for the next session to come around.

It's fun and free!


Lottery Funded